Embroidery Prices
Please use the chart below to find an estimate of your total for your screen printing job. Once ready, select quotes from the menu bar to begin your order.
Only edit cells under yellow highlighted headers
1. Select Apparel from the menu bar.
2. Select a supplier from the list.
3. Find the item # of the garment you are looking at and select it from the "Item #" drop down with the size s-xl. (s-xl = small to extra large price)
    - ex. If ordering 2 medium GD210 and 3 2xl GD210, select "GD210 s-xl" from the dropdown.
4. Enter the quantity for that garment.
5. Once all garment quantities are in, select the range from the dropdown of how many total pieces are in your order.
6. Select from the dropdown how many stitches you estimate based on the chart at the bottom of this page. Estimate my stitch count
7. Enter the location to find out the digitizing price. If you have a digitized file or we already have embroidered your imprint before, this will be 0.
Estimate your stitch count
To estimate a stitch count, hold up what you are considering having embroidered up against this chart that is below. As you can see, there are 16 larger squares with 16 smaller squares inside of each larger square. For every large square your item/logo covers, you can estimate that it will be at least 2,000 stitches. For every small square you can estimate that it will be 125 stitches.

So for example, if your logo covers four large squares you can estimate that it will take 8,000 stitches to completely recreate your logo on an item. So if the item you have your eye on only includes 7,000 stitches in the setup, you may have to pay a little more to get all 8,000.

However, remember that this is simply an estimate. We will double check your stitch count with the digitizer so you get the most accurate pricing before you commit to buying.
Stitch CountStitch Grid

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